Scottish campaign(s)

There appear to be two main campaigns in Scotland: Voteleave and There was a third “GO” which is now part of

The organisation in Scotland is focused on local areas which from what I can see all belong to both campaigns.

So the best place to start is to look at what local groups exist and try to contact them direct (see e.g.

Scottish Websites

UK Websites

Local Scottish Groups

Scottish Politicians

  • Jim Sillars: @NaeFear
  • Tom Harris (The former MP for Castlemilk): @MrTCHarris
  • Michael Forsyth (former Secretary of State for Scotland and Stirling MP)
  • Margaret Mitchell (Scottish conservative spokeswoman on Justice)
  • David Coburn MEP (@DavidCoburnUKip)


  • 6 May Dundee, 7pm. University Debate, D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre (link)
  • 7 May, Greenock. Stall Oak Mall shopping centre,
  • 7 May, Stirling 10am – 2pm. Street Stall City Centre (FK8 2BX)
  • 7 May, Aberdeen 11am to 2pm. street stall outside M&S on Union Street
  • 8 May Stirling, 2pm. Leafleting – Stirling Train Station
  • 9 May Edinburgh 6pm – 7.30pm. What Does the EU Mean? National Library of Scotland. Neuropolitics Research Lab, University of Edinburgh event
  • 11 May Stirling 7pm. Social Event / Regular Monthly meeting – The Crossed Peels (Lower Level)
  • 11 May Aberdeen, 7.30pm. get-together for activists in The Archibald Simpson (corner of Union Street/King Street)
  • 11 May Glasgow, 7pm “rainbow of different people and parties showing solidarity” hope pub , old Christian book shop (opposite central station)
  • 12 May Stirling, 7pm – 9pm. The case for Brexit, Speakers: Michael Forsyth, Margaret Mitchell. Albert Halls, Dumbarton Road, Stirling, FK8 2QL,
    Contact: Alastair Majury ·
  • 19 May Royal Highland Showground. NFU debate: “In or Out? – the implications for Scottish food and farming
  • 20 June, 6pm: Berwick-upon-Tweed Public Debate, The Swan Centre
    Northumberland Road, Tweedmouth (Contact:
  • 31 May Inverness. The UK in Europe. In or Out?, University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness. Royal Society of Edinburgh event.




In the years 2007 to 2013 Scotland contributed £7.7 Billion to the EU via the UK and received back in total £6 Billion, so we would appear to also be net contributors to the EU via our membership of the United Kingdom.