The absurdity of the SNP argument

The SNP’s version of anti-English hatred was decisively rejected in 2014 when the Scottish people decided to maintain the historic relationship with England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Unlike the SNP – who just pick and choose what they listen to – the logic of that 2014 referendum is that the UK government are bound to listen to the will of the whole of Britain as a single corporate body.

But the SNP don’t like that – and insist that they be allowed to reject the 2014 referendum because the hated English voted in a way they don’t like.

So, let us suppose for the sake of argument the SNP could nullify that 2014 referendum vote – what would be the result? The UK referendum would have been even more overwhelmingly against the EU.

So, whichever way we Scots had voted in 2014 – the Brexit vote would be the same. So how can they possibly say the Brexit vote is wrong?

But the SNP will say – the brexit vote means the 2014 vote would have been different. Too true it would! With the UK leaving the EU, there are even more reasons not to leave the UK – a customs border, the fact that the EU will have less money with the UK out and so Scotland will be paying more. The fact the single market is smaller – and the most important element is gone. The fact that oil prices dropped making the SNP idea of funding separation by selling oil a total load of BS.

The only argument that even vaguely makes sense is one that says: “Scots value being in the EU far more than independence, and so they voted against the independence they wanted in 2014 because being in the EU was sooooooo sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo important”



UK government response to SNP call for referendum

As it is only two years since the Scottish people voted decisively to remain part of the UK {if anything the case for independence based on oil revenues has declined} and given that the whole process will put the stability of Scotland and the rest of the UK unnecessarily at jeopardy during this critical period, for the sake of the whole UK which the Scottish people agreed to be part of very recently the answer must be no and will remain no for at least six years from the previous referendum {thus allowing two years of post-brexit stability until enough stability is restored to allow this issue to be re-opened}

Why SNP are in such a hurry to join EU

Writing the previous article, it just occurred to me what a profound effect the rest of the UK leaving the EU will have on the Scottish case for joining the EU and thereby (non) “independence”.

Because the UK is one of the big contributors to the EU – so it stands to reason that – as a bureaucracy – the EU itself will never cost cut, so those members still in the club will be required to make up the short fall.

So, going from a situation where the UK funding of Scotland might be imagined to be made up by similar hand-outs from the EU, Scotland is going into a situation where not only is it not going to get the EU to fund our separation from the UK, but we are going to have to pay to retain the EUrocrats in the luxurious spending they had become used to with UK money.

In other words, the EU Scots voted (for UK) to remain part of – is the one where Scotland used to get lots of money from people like the UK and EU (now untrue). But knowing the deceitful SNP – if they were to get a yes to separation from UK … then they’ll tell people that by voting for the UK to remain in the EU where Scotland got lots of money from EU/UK …. we were supposedly voting for Scotland to go back into the DIFFERENT EU where we’ll be forced to pay in masses of money to keep the hugely expensive EUrocracy going.

So, (in the extremely unlikely event – I’d even go as far as to say impossible event that Scotland votes to leave the UK) there will be no referendum for Scotland to join the EU. How could there be? Because with so many other nations now actively seeking to leave the EU and with grexit approaching … only a madwoman would give us Scots the choice … however given we are being run by a madwoman … who knows what idiotic things she’ll do?

How to wreck Scottish research – another referendum

I really do feel sorry for those getting EU funding in Scotland for research projects as the SNP have flung a tanker full of petrol on the smouldering uncertainty by adding to the already complex situation of EU funding in Scotland by the suggestion – but unlikely to be reality – of another Scottish referendum.

To explain:
In England the question is simply –

  1. how much does the new UK government keep funding?

In Scotland we have these series of issues:

  1. How much does the UK government fund of previous EU funded work?
  2. How much does the UK government hand over to Scotland to fund of this work?
  3. How much does the Scottish government fund of this work?
  4. Does this funding stop if Scotland entered the EU?
  5. How does EU funding change when Britain leaves and if Scotland enters the EU
  6. How can the Scottish government continue to fund academia when there’s such a massive hole in the Scottish budget if it left the UK
  7. How can the EU continue to fund Scotland if it left the UK and entered the undemocratic EU – when the EU relies on UK money.
  8. (from 6 & 7) how much extra would Scotland have to put into the EU as a result of the rest of UK leaving the EU?

Now 1-3 are just the complexity of Scottish devolution, which means that in addition to the time for the new UK government to come into place, we have the additional time for the numpty pig-headed and spiteful SNP to negotiate with the UK government (after the event of Brexit when they have least chance of any leverage).

However 4-8 are entirely inflicted by the spiteful, pig-headed undemocratic (internally run) SNP who we regretfully have running Scotland at the moment.

You can see their “plan” – it is to wreck the Scottish economy post brexit so as to then claim “it was brexit what done us in”.

The appalling behaviour of the SNP will cost many Scots jobs

The people of Scotland – much to the disgust of the SNP – voted clearly to accept decision making for issues affecting the UK as a single UK democratic body.

Thus yesterday we were asked whether the UK – not Scotland not the voters – but the UK should remain in the EU. And it is true that just as Scotland voted decisively to a accept decision making at a UK level, we also decisively voted for the UK to remain in the EU.

However, like the undemocratic EU, the SNP – who have almost no internal democracy in decision making but are an internal dictatorship – the SNP don’t accept democracy. So, to them they bend and subvert the wishes of the people to mean – not what we voted for – but what they would have liked us to vote for.

So, now the SNP are determined to tell us Scots we not only didn’t vote to take decisions as part of the UK and to respect that outcome, but now they are telling us we didn’t vote for whether the UK should remain part of the EU – but instead we were apparently voting on whether Scotland should be part of the EU.

But if that were true there would have been at least four options

  1. Scotland as part of the UK being in the EU
  2. Scotland as part of the UK being outside the EU
  3. Scotland not being part of the UK outside the EU
  4. Scotland not being part of the UK in the EU

But Sturgeon wants to suggest that because many voted against option (1) that everyone who did not want option (1) voted for option (4). THAT IS A LIE – THE TYPE OF THING WE ARE GROWING TO EXPECT FROM THE SNP.

The practical effects on jobs

From a practical point of view, many jobs are in some way funded by the EU. That EU funding will cease at some point and in the natural course of events it would be taken up by the UK (or Scotland).

However, unlike a general election where we have a manifesto commitment to maintain funding, there was no government that could be bound by a commitment of the leave campaign. So, until someone like Boris Johnson replaces Cameron, there will not be a government that can commit to maintain funding.

As such UK funding of many EU projects will be up in the air until Oct (the supposed date when Cameron has decided he will string out the replacement)

However, in Scotland the position is now just catastrophic. Because whilst there is a Scottish government – no one will know who is continuing funding or how much there will be until after the SNP waste another tranche of taxpayer money on a referendum that even they know they cannot win.

The impact means that no EU funding projects will know whether their funding will continue, not for a few months as in the rest of the UK – but until the unspecified date of the next neverendum referendum.

This adds an additional period of uncertainty – meaning that Scottish EU funded projects will be brought to a virtual standstill and paralysis as they struggle with both how EU funding will be carried on and by whom (UK or Scotland) and then whether if Scottish that funding will be carried on by the Scottish government – or will have to await the terms of a supposed renegotiation by Scotland with the EU of re-entry.

You couldn’t have asked for a better way to destroy EU funded projects in Scotland!

EU justice for Thomas Mair?

To me one of the foulest deeds of the pro-EU has been the denial of our long cherished right to jury trial – now very easily circumvented by a EU-arrest warrant enforced by the soon to be EU police force.

However, we still in theory have our rights within the UK and one of those is not to have a trial prejudiced by public statements.

So, whilst I was aware of the appalling disgusting way many of the remain side were using this tragic death to attack brexit, until I read the Heatstreet blog I had not remembered that at the heart of this case lies two victims: the first Jo Cox, the other an apparently mentally ill man Thomas Mair, who under UK law (but probably not EU law) has a right to justice even if it was his hand that killed Jo Cox.

The more I hear about this case, the more concerned I am about the initial reports portraying it as a neo-nazi hate crime against Remain. These now appear to be very wrong.

In contrast, it is now being suggested that the cause of the incidence was the closure of local mental health facilities. That Thomas Mair was a mild mannered man who taught English to refugees.

So, to call it a “hate” crime or that it was motivated by politics is not only (apparently) wrong but highly prejudicial. And for these type of of accusations (apparently false) to be broadcast by the PM is abhorrent to our British sense of Justice (although apparently not that of the EU).

There are two victims here. The first Jo Cox (and family) who will now be made into a martyr, the other Thomas Mair who appears to be mentally ill and as such may not in any way be culpable for his actions and may or may not have been let down by politicians of all parties.

For more read:

The SNP are failing the Scottish Interest

What confuses many people is why the SNP, who say they want a second Scottish referendum, are telling the Scots to vote against getting a second referendum and stopping the rest of the UK getting their independence from Europe.

Souring relations with our closest neighbour

To put it bluntly we Scots will never be forgiven if after the English Shamereluctantly (rightly as the polls showed) consented to a Scottish referendum on independence from the EUnion, our Scottish leaders then act solely to stop the rest of the UK enjoying the self determination which (as the polls show) is now wanted by a majority of the rest of the UK.

And it is all the worse, because in the way the SNP have portrayed it, there is no self-interest for Scotland which will (if the SNP can be believed) will soon seek independence and supposedly rejoin the EU.

Of course, the SNP are either complete numpties (Jim Sillars view) or are lying about something (my view).

But either way, the perception in England will be that the SNP, after the English largely allowed us Scots to decide for ourselves about independence (with the notable exception of the obvious bias of the BBC) that the Scots then turned around and bit the hand of friendship acting out of spite to deny the rest of the UK the self-determination Scots demanded and then voted to reject. Continue reading “The SNP are failing the Scottish Interest”