SNP: Liars and economically insane!

C60idFsWkAYoKgh.jpg largeIn 2014 the Scottish people voted decisively to stay with the UK. And since then the consensus has remained the same with a majority against leaving the UK and particularly against having another extremely divisive and hate filled referendum.

At the time the SNP promised that the referendum would be a “once in a lifetime”. They did so for very cynical reasons. If there were a suggestion that we could have the same referendum in a decade or so – given the appalling management of the Scottish economy and their daft policies (like appointing a state Guardian to be in charge of all children) many people (including me) wanted to wait to see if Scottish politicians might one day mature enough to warrant a vote to leave the UK.

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Today’s News?

As I’ve stopped watching the #BiasedBroadcastCoy and find ITV and Channel 4 to be regurgitating pretty much the same material, so I’ve been searching around for a more impartial source of news … one that doesn’t send me lurching for the off button within seconds of turning it on.

This week I found an interesting channel called “UKColumn” on Youtube which on the day I found it seemed to be really good – as the day I looked they had a lead article on climate:

However, since then I’ve tried watching them and I find myself falling asleep as they have a very slow delivery for a massive 40-50minuts, it’s entertaining for a bit but all I’m really doing is replacing biased BBC opinions for ones biased against them with a very slow delivery of only 4-5 “news” articles a day.

Also, it doesn’t in any way cover anything in Scotland.

So I was trying to work out what it would take to produce news for Scotland. My guessis that even a very quick summary would take several hours. But the first problem is identifying what is “news”. So, today’s exercise is to identify the items that may be considered news today:

  1. UK Supreme court – the ongoing case.
  2. Trump appointment of EPA – the implications for global warming alarmism
  3. Scottish “Curriculum for excellence” failing – the way yet more political interference is destroying our education system in Scotland
  4. Facial reconstruction of Robert the Bruce:
  5. Death of Mark Griffin MSP – not that I know anything more than he died.
  6. Child abusers in sport – coming up a lot
  7. Late trains – Labour in Scotland have been running a campaign
  8. £13.6 million to establish new Wellcome Research Centre

This is an interesting Video:

PLEASE ADD ANY CURRENT NEWS STORIES (not necessarily Scottish, British or even in English)

Sturgeon: I’m beginning to understand the #remain fairytale EU

When I look at the EU I see an organisational structure and a series of rules and regulations and for me the sum total of the EU is how that structure and the rules it enforces affect me and the society around me. And as such there is no doubt whatsoever that we are leaving the EU when the rest of the UK does so.

So, I have watched with total bemusement as our deluded leader Sturgeon has mouthed off to the world press promises that clearly cannot be kept about “staying in the EU” given the structure and rules of the EU.

She is clearly very for “something” but it is not the real EU that I see, so what is it she sees in the EU? A first clue is this idea that is being suggested of “Scotland in both the EU and UK”. OK, so let’s start with the obvious question. Which parliament is it that the EU rules over? If it is the UK parliament – then the UK has not left the EU, so it is not the UK. But if it is the Scottish parliament, then how can the EU dictate policies that are not within the remit of the Scottish parliament. How does the EU control the Scottish army for example (as we now have confirmed is the plan in the near future).

If a general in Scotland receives an order from the EU to invade the UK and another one from the UK to invade the EU – which do they do? It is laughable that anyone is even offering such daft proposals. The EU is a governance structure, its not a facebook page. There is no “friends” button to the EU – you are either in it or out.

The only exception is oversees territories like Belize for the UK and Greenland for Denmark. But in both these cases the central banks, parliament, administration, taxes etc. etc. are controlled from within the EU under EU control. The EU allows countries to allow dependent territories to behave as if they are outside the EU. The EU cannot “allow” the UK if it is outside the EU to do anything, so the idea of Scotland in the UK and EU is complete utter nonsense.

So, what then is this “EU” that Sturgeon seems to think she is in, if it isn’t the organisational structure and rules which are what the real EU is made up of?

It appears the EU to which she thinks she belongs is a “social” entity – a group of people who “like” each other as “friends” in the same way people “like” and “friends” people on facebook. It is I suppose a “facebook EU” – one where “membership” really just amounts to be “best buddies” without any consideration for rules, regulations, finance, etc.

It’s all airy fairy utopianism with no substance. And that is very clear from the way she thinks she can get around EU rules and regulations not by looking at the rules and regulations but by finding more and more “friends”. She really does seem to think that if she gets enough people to be “best friends” that the rules will magically change.

But that is not how the EU works. The EU is a system of governance. It is about who is in charge not who is friends with whom. Indeed, it really isn’t a group of “friends” at all, but instead a group of the normal back-stabbing bastards that get on in politics (like the SNP). The kinds of people who will smile as they stab you in the back. And Sturgeon is clearly well out of her league in the EU – having spent all the last week making promises she can’t keep and revealing all her deck of cards in one go (which is not much) leaving her opponents in the EU and UK laughing at her naive stupidity.

Where from here?

It’s quite clear from the way the news has moved to issues further south that Sturgeon is being ignored except by the three numpties of the media (BBC, Guardian and Independent). These are the ultra pro-EU press, those who hate democracy and the plebs having any say. So, they love the SNP & Sturgeon for standing up for the chattering classes against the great hoards of unwashed voters.

But except for a never ending echo chamber from the SNP to the three numpties and back, I can’t really see much else happening. The initial “charge” has fizzled out. The great crusade to win over the EU has failed to get a hearing with Tusk. The Survation poll showed most Scots do not want another referendum (nor do I want to waste another month – just to get the same result).

What I don’t see happening is any moves e.g. to benefit from leaving the EU – particularly getting back our fishing. I don’t see Sturgeon reassuring business – instead her patently false assertions about staying in the EU are only adding to the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

To understand the impact on business of the SNP delay, you need to think of it as a race. The gun went off last Thursday – now those in England know there is a race, they are starting to prepare and whilst a few options still need sorting (like whether in/out of single market), they have a limited number of routes and are already making progess.

But here in Scotland – the SNP are arguing with the starting official whether we in Scotland should be running the race at all. But the rules of the EU dictate we will be running the race – so rather than starting with all the other competitors with a reasonable chance of winning – we in Scotland are sitting around as everyone else in the UK gets ahead of us. So when the SNP finally admit that we have to run the race – we in Scotland have f*ck all chance of winning and our businesses will be wiped out by the competition in England who were able to get on with it because they don’t have the numpty SNP.

My hope is that as business contemplates the appalling behaviour of Sturgeon over the last week, and translates it into how it affects them, and then as they meet their local politicians, and then as that message is slowly conveyed up the tree (if it happens at all and is not massively distorted by SNP activists) that eventually the message will start to get through to the tiny little brain at the top of the SNP that they are causing immense damage to Scotland. My hope is that will happen quick enough that we don’t have too much of a disadvantage against companies in the rest of the UK.

However, I’ve never found the SNP to be a listening party. Any such message will completely contradict their world view, and I’ve found that when that happens the SNP just shut their ears and hum to drown out the message.

So, I fear the SNP are not going to be listening to any of the cooler heads or industry voices telling them how disastrous their behaviour has been. Or if they do, we’ll be years behind the rest of the UK and totally unable to catch up. Scottish businesses will go under because businesses from the rest of the UK will be up and running outside the EU long before we are even off the starting block.

All anyone appears to be able to do, is to wait to see what daft things the SNP come up with next – in the hope they tend toward being less and less daft until we have some idea what is going to happen. My fear, is that by the time Scotland knows what is happening, our economy will be in a slump, we’ll be selling up our house at a huge loss (over present prices) and moving out of Scotland with so many other talented people.

Irony: SNP can’t veto #Brexit – but UK can veto Scots EU membership

In an embarrassing climbdown from the (real) SNP leadership, we heard yesterday from their leader Alex Salmond admitting that (pretend leader) Sturgeon’s claim of blocking Brexit was wrong.

Then when I heard that Spain could veto Scotland’s membership of the EU, I realised that ironically, that also means that the UK – as  long as it continues to be a member of the EU – can veto Scotland’s supposed “fast track” membership of the EU.

This “fast track” membership – it won’t happen. That’s the third embarrassing fails in as many days.

Of course, the SNP might have been able to argue “what right have the UK got in blocking our entry” except of course, by going to the world’s press and telling them that the SNP would out of spite veto brexit – the SNP do not have a leg to stand on. So should it ever come to it, the UK are entirely justified in vetoing Scotland’s membership when the SNP were very clear they intended to do almost the same thing (but in reverse).

So now, there is no way on earth that Scotland is going to become a member of the EU before the UK leaves. It is not in the interests of the UK, nor is it of Scotland. It is only the SNP who are desperate to join the EU before the people of Scotland wake up to the huge costs and undemocratic nature of the EU.

Scotland is leaving the EU

And then, using the SNP’s own argument that “things have changed so we need a new referendum”, (if we did vote for separation/independence) we the people of Scotland would then be able to demand a referendum before joining the EU. That is the last thing the SNP want, because we would undoubtedly be strongly against. Because by that time all the horrors of the single state will be known, the SNP will be unable to hide the costs as the Scottish finances would be separated from those of the rest of the UK – and with the UK gone, the EU would have lost one of its biggest funders meaning the benefits of EU membership are much less and the costs much greater.

Winding down Brexit campaign

After a weekend of Sturgeon’s ranting rave about how everyone else did her wrong by voting to leave the undemocratic EU, and how they were going to block Brexit and how everyone in Scotland wanted another referendum, we’ve now seen Salmond climb down on the blocking claim, a survation poll came out showing most Scots did not want another referendum and we are starting to see reports of the draconian “single-state” plans that brexit said were in the pipeline but remain denied. (and showing “independence in the EU is a lie link)

So, today – with their previous rants having crashed and burned – the news from the raving lunies is that they are now focussing on talks between Scotland and Gibraltar (voting population of about 1000). Of course, I am now preparing legislation for my local community council to demand independence from the SNP (joke).

The impact on Business

What I think is really happening, is not that the SNP are getting dashed to pieces by our glorious Scottish press and politicians, as we have the most useless bunch of sycophant MSPs and press and who have let the SNP get away with embarrassing Scotland almost daily since Brexit. Instead it is that business is now starting to talk to the SNP and this will be what they will be saying:

Yes obviously for us in BIG BUSINESS in Scotland – we are keen on the single EU market – but, because most of our business is done with England, if we had to choose between staying in Scotland in the EU market, and moving to England to be part of the UK market, we’d have no hesitation in moving to England.

And furthermore they will be adding this:

But even for those Scottish businesses that do most of their trade with the EU – unless you can quickly guarantee our future in the EU single market (which Sturgeon can’t – or she’d not be believed if she did)- the uncertainty of whether we will or will not be in the EU will be so damaging that none of these businesses will be able to plan any future in Scotland.

So, not only will Scotland lose the English trading companies, we will also lose the EU trading ones – which leaves us with a few bakeries, farmers, etc. In case it isn’t obvious, that means an almost complete collapse of the Scottish economy – or at least for those companies stuck here – no investment for perhaps 2-5 years until someone knows what is going on.

To put it bluntly, unless the SNP shelve their plans for (non)independence in the undemocratic EU, the Scottish economy will go into a paralytic recession and unless the Scottish electorate are total numskulls there will be no SNP to fight the next election.

The impact on Young People

I really feel sorry for those coming out of University or Schools this summer looking for a job, because business is likely to be shelving almost all future plans until they know what is happening. And as no one knows what is happening in Scotland and if we go for another independence referendum we will not know for several years, it means companies will dramatically cut back their employment of young people for those years.

Of course the SNP will try to blame brexit – but that will be difficult when the employment prospects for young people are so much better in England. That’s the good side – the bad side is that many of our most talented young people will now have to move down to England until the SNP stop their economically destructive obsession with (non)independence in the EU.

Why the SNP continually misread public opinion

The SNP are becoming notorious for telling us Scots & even the rest of the UK what we believe and getting it wrong. Two years ago they told us we wanted to leave the UK. On Thursday they were telling the UK populace they wanted to remain in the EU, and today they are telling us Scots we want another neverendum.

But we now hear that according to a survation poll a majority of us Scots do not want another Scottish referendum.

Why do the SNP continually misread public opinion and are so outraged when ordinary people stand up and say what most Scots think?

The answer is the SNP culture itself. Because they are essentially a “Little Scotlander” mentality – not in the sense in which the rest of the UK wants to leave Europe and rejoin the rest of the world – but specifically in what is meant by the “little Englander” tag … to be isolationist … to ignore everyone who disagrees with them, to shut themselves off from the rest of society.

And it is all echoed in the SNP party structure. Because the one really insightful thing I learnt during the campaign is that the SNP have no policy formation committees.

Instead there is what we used to refer as “sofa government” … decisions would be made, not in a formal open manner, but in an informal behind-closed-door in the comfort of someone’s living room where we the public nor the overwhelmingly vast number of SNP members have any input.

So, when they say “we Scots want”, the SNP mean “the people sitting on the sofa want… ”

However, what has now appeared over the weekend is even more worrying. Because they have moved on from “what the people believe” to “what the constitution says”.

In what will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most bizarre tirades of non-sense the SNP have gone to the world’s press to repeat in numerous ways that they are “about to join the EU” … “can veto brexit” … “can stop the wind and waves causing the sees to rise” …. “that aliens abducted all leave voters and therefore they have a right to refuse to accept democracy”. (Obviously two of those are jokes … but which two?)

They are going nuts. And worst of all they are doing it in front of the world’s press. And we in Scotland will be tarnished by their antics for years to come.

To Boris Johnson Next PM – re Scottish Referendum

It is very clear to me that the SNP threatened an independence vote in a desperate attempt to stop the rest of the UK leaving the EU.

It is also now very obvious, that rather than admitting they were wrong and that they could not win a referendum, the SNP have decided to push toward an independence referendum anticipating that Westminster will block this. Obviously this is the most despicable kind of behaviour, but unfortunately, due to the lacklustre  quality & sycophantic nature of Scottish journalism, the SNP have, and will, continue to get away with their bullshit.

I therefore recommend the following reply:

Dear Ms Sturgeon, as you will know the UK as a whole is in the process of leaving the EU and so we would very much appreciate it if the Scottish people would defer any further devolution to after the UK leaves the UK. However, if you insist on pushing forward then on the following provisos we will consent to bringing forward enabling legislation and recommending its adoption:

  1. Opinion polls must show a substantial majority (60%) in favour of a referendum for at least two months.
  2. The Scottish government must obtain a commitment from the EU to accept Scotland as a member.
  3. You must place before the Scottish people the full costs and benefits of EU membership as it will be once the UK has left and similarly for other options
  4. you must place before the Scottish people the three options
    1. Remaining as part of the UK
    2. Leaving the UK to become an independent nation outside the EU
    3. Leaving the UK and rejoining the EU to become a national region of the EU
  5. In order to reduce the uncertainty involved to the rest of the UK, you must agree that any campaign, referendum and exit either finishes at least one year before the UK exits the EU and not start for at least one year after the UK leaves the EU
  6. The Scottish government must bear all the costs involved in the referendum including suitable funding for campaign groups for all three options.

Subject obviously to the consent of Westminster and to be actioned within five years