SNP: Liars and economically insane!

C60idFsWkAYoKgh.jpg largeIn 2014 the Scottish people voted decisively to stay with the UK. And since then the consensus has remained the same with a majority against leaving the UK and particularly against having another extremely divisive and hate filled referendum.

At the time the SNP promised that the referendum would be a “once in a lifetime”. They did so for very cynical reasons. If there were a suggestion that we could have the same referendum in a decade or so – given the appalling management of the Scottish economy and their daft policies (like appointing a state Guardian to be in charge of all children) many people (including me) wanted to wait to see if Scottish politicians might one day mature enough to warrant a vote to leave the UK.

So it was very very clear the referendum was: “once in a generation”, which for any reasonable purposes is 25 years. However, then they lost the referendum and then they started the back-peddling and the campaign of deceit and lies trying to find any excuse possible to turn a “once in a generation” concrete commitment into the “as soon as possible” lie. And so along came all the “if the UK does this … it means we have to have another referendum:”

C6zpMktXUAEUSWp.jpg large C6zpMORWcAAjiEe.jpg large

Finally the SNP found the excuse they needed when we, the people of Britain, voted to leave the EU. Except the SNP never expected the people of Britain to reject the undemocratic authoritarian anti-industry pro-global-warming-pseudo-science EU. Why would they, as the EU is just like the SNP and the SNP are the “darlings” of Scotland!!

So, the SNP never took Brexit seriously. For example, in my area, we didn’t see one SNP person out on the streets and I only heard about some panicked last minute activity in the last couple of days of the campaign.

Instead the SNP had seen Brexit as one huge grandstanding opportunity. An opportunity to make ridiculous and unsupportable promises to their supporters in the “knowledge” that they’d never have to carry out their promises. In short one huge lie fest for nationalists. They claimed all sorts of things from saying they could certainly stop Brexit, to saying they were the darlings of Europe (Spain flattened that one) that (despite opinion polls to the contrary) they would hold another referendum if the people of Britain voted for Brexit, etc.

They were using the EU as a very small loin cloth to hide the truth – that they just weren’t man enough to follow through.Why

And then that loin cloth got tugged away by Brexit. But that has not stopped the English hating SNP. Knowing they cannot win another referendum, knowing that #brexit is proving to be a boom and that particularly in Scotland where industry has been destroyed by the EU’s anti-industrial culture, we stand to gain massively from Brexit. What is the natural inclination of the SNP?

To throw a spanner in the works, call a referendum in the expectation that the English will have to veto it for the sake of the UK as a whole, and basically tell any company about to set up in Scotland to gain from the Brexit boom to “F-off back home”.

This is what is so vile about the SNP. They have no real interest in the economic prosperity of Scotland. Indeed, from what I an see they positively love to see Scotland failing because they can then use this to stoke up the anti-English rhetoric and gain more economically gullible supporters.


And now, I cannot see Scotland ever doing well economically. Oil is supposedly the foundation of their “independence” (there is no real independence in the EU – so that’s a lie).

But the SNP are also vociferously anti-fossil fuel, thus attacking the foundation of their own economic case for independence (which hasn’t been helped by the success of fracking bringing down oil prices internationally).

In short having the prospect of this bizarre economics hanging over us in Scotland is like a sword of Damocles ready to destroy any company daft enough to set up in Scotland. No wonder Scotland is now performing so badly economically.
C6zXikeXAAATNaK.jpg largeA personal Perspective

To put it in perspective, my children are lucky as they have the education and contacts to allow them to emigrate. To put emigration in its historical I wrote an article about “the Truth of the Highland Clearances” in which I showed that during the so called “Highland Clearances” the populations of the Highlands increased and that the real population decline happened in the 1970s. Of course, the whole thing is just “fake history” another nationalist lie invented by nationalist academics in the same way the NAZIs used Aryanism to boost their own nationalism.

The result is anti-English racism that is now prevalent in Scottish society and that together with a government living in economic fantasy land means that so far two of my children have already decided to head south to England. And looking at the present uncertainty caused by the SNP I fully expect my third to follow.

That’s the simple truth. The SNP are already destroying Scotland’s future, not by getting their daft vote through, but by constantly denying us in Scotland any stability and hope for the future. And no doubt when every last sensible person has left the country they will get their non-independence in the EU. They will have their basket case economy built on economic fantasy. They will have their glorious public sector for a few years – until like Greece, economic reality hits and they have to close most of the public sector, get rid of free health care, schools, and basically sell Scotland to the highest foreign bidder.

But I don’t think I’ll be here to see it happen.


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