Today’s News?

As I’ve stopped watching the #BiasedBroadcastCoy and find ITV and Channel 4 to be regurgitating pretty much the same material, so I’ve been searching around for a more impartial source of news … one that doesn’t send me lurching for the off button within seconds of turning it on.

This week I found an interesting channel called “UKColumn” on Youtube which on the day I found it seemed to be really good – as the day I looked they had a lead article on climate:

However, since then I’ve tried watching them and I find myself falling asleep as they have a very slow delivery for a massive 40-50minuts, it’s entertaining for a bit but all I’m really doing is replacing biased BBC opinions for ones biased against them with a very slow delivery of only 4-5 “news” articles a day.

Also, it doesn’t in any way cover anything in Scotland.

So I was trying to work out what it would take to produce news for Scotland. My guessis that even a very quick summary would take several hours. But the first problem is identifying what is “news”. So, today’s exercise is to identify the items that may be considered news today:

  1. UK Supreme court – the ongoing case.
  2. Trump appointment of EPA – the implications for global warming alarmism
  3. Scottish “Curriculum for excellence” failing – the way yet more political interference is destroying our education system in Scotland
  4. Facial reconstruction of Robert the Bruce:
  5. Death of Mark Griffin MSP – not that I know anything more than he died.
  6. Child abusers in sport – coming up a lot
  7. Late trains – Labour in Scotland have been running a campaign
  8. £13.6 million to establish new Wellcome Research Centre

This is an interesting Video:

PLEASE ADD ANY CURRENT NEWS STORIES (not necessarily Scottish, British or even in English)


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