Winding down Brexit campaign

After a weekend of Sturgeon’s ranting rave about how everyone else did her wrong by voting to leave the undemocratic EU, and how they were going to block Brexit and how everyone in Scotland wanted another referendum, we’ve now seen Salmond climb down on the blocking claim, a survation poll came out showing most Scots did not want another referendum and we are starting to see reports of the draconian “single-state” plans that brexit said were in the pipeline but remain denied. (and showing “independence in the EU is a lie link)

So, today – with their previous rants having crashed and burned – the news from the raving lunies is that they are now focussing on talks between Scotland and Gibraltar (voting population of about 1000). Of course, I am now preparing legislation for my local community council to demand independence from the SNP (joke).

The impact on Business

What I think is really happening, is not that the SNP are getting dashed to pieces by our glorious Scottish press and politicians, as we have the most useless bunch of sycophant MSPs and press and who have let the SNP get away with embarrassing Scotland almost daily since Brexit. Instead it is that business is now starting to talk to the SNP and this will be what they will be saying:

Yes obviously for us in BIG BUSINESS in Scotland – we are keen on the single EU market – but, because most of our business is done with England, if we had to choose between staying in Scotland in the EU market, and moving to England to be part of the UK market, we’d have no hesitation in moving to England.

And furthermore they will be adding this:

But even for those Scottish businesses that do most of their trade with the EU – unless you can quickly guarantee our future in the EU single market (which Sturgeon can’t – or she’d not be believed if she did)- the uncertainty of whether we will or will not be in the EU will be so damaging that none of these businesses will be able to plan any future in Scotland.

So, not only will Scotland lose the English trading companies, we will also lose the EU trading ones – which leaves us with a few bakeries, farmers, etc. In case it isn’t obvious, that means an almost complete collapse of the Scottish economy – or at least for those companies stuck here – no investment for perhaps 2-5 years until someone knows what is going on.

To put it bluntly, unless the SNP shelve their plans for (non)independence in the undemocratic EU, the Scottish economy will go into a paralytic recession and unless the Scottish electorate are total numskulls there will be no SNP to fight the next election.

The impact on Young People

I really feel sorry for those coming out of University or Schools this summer looking for a job, because business is likely to be shelving almost all future plans until they know what is happening. And as no one knows what is happening in Scotland and if we go for another independence referendum we will not know for several years, it means companies will dramatically cut back their employment of young people for those years.

Of course the SNP will try to blame brexit – but that will be difficult when the employment prospects for young people are so much better in England. That’s the good side – the bad side is that many of our most talented young people will now have to move down to England until the SNP stop their economically destructive obsession with (non)independence in the EU.


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