Irony: SNP can’t veto #Brexit – but UK can veto Scots EU membership

In an embarrassing climbdown from the (real) SNP leadership, we heard yesterday from their leader Alex Salmond admitting that (pretend leader) Sturgeon’s claim of blocking Brexit was wrong.

Then when I heard that Spain could veto Scotland’s membership of the EU, I realised that ironically, that also means that the UK – as  long as it continues to be a member of the EU – can veto Scotland’s supposed “fast track” membership of the EU.

This “fast track” membership – it won’t happen. That’s the third embarrassing fails in as many days.

Of course, the SNP might have been able to argue “what right have the UK got in blocking our entry” except of course, by going to the world’s press and telling them that the SNP would out of spite veto brexit – the SNP do not have a leg to stand on. So should it ever come to it, the UK are entirely justified in vetoing Scotland’s membership when the SNP were very clear they intended to do almost the same thing (but in reverse).

So now, there is no way on earth that Scotland is going to become a member of the EU before the UK leaves. It is not in the interests of the UK, nor is it of Scotland. It is only the SNP who are desperate to join the EU before the people of Scotland wake up to the huge costs and undemocratic nature of the EU.

Scotland is leaving the EU

And then, using the SNP’s own argument that “things have changed so we need a new referendum”, (if we did vote for separation/independence) we the people of Scotland would then be able to demand a referendum before joining the EU. That is the last thing the SNP want, because we would undoubtedly be strongly against. Because by that time all the horrors of the single state will be known, the SNP will be unable to hide the costs as the Scottish finances would be separated from those of the rest of the UK – and with the UK gone, the EU would have lost one of its biggest funders meaning the benefits of EU membership are much less and the costs much greater.


4 thoughts on “Irony: SNP can’t veto #Brexit – but UK can veto Scots EU membership”

  1. Thank you England for saving this Scot from EU slavery. T’is a pity my Nation is full of bull but maybe the Scottish ‘silly buggers’ will wise up soon.

    Keep Scotland OUT of the EU!


  2. Oh what joy!  The celebrity scroungers are us have come out to play, to chastise the brexiters for daring to think for themselves. The over-paid, over hyped anorexics and fat fucks of La-La land can bugger off and do one. What the fuck do they know about respecting democracy or the will of the people?  As for J K Rowling that pathetic excuse for an intelligent Scot, she needs to get out of her childish book mentalty and grow up. Harry Potter is nothing but over-rated, childish crap, a bit likes its author and her daft magical ideas.

    It is great to see celebrity tyrants fizzing over democracy in action considering they truly believe that we hang on to every sponging idea they have ever had.

    Champagne celebrity tyranny is finally gubbed by democracy. It is all sour grapes for these thicko ‘slebs’. Ha! Ha!.

    Long live democracy.


    1. Thanks a well written article. But the SNP are like a wild animal caught in a trap (largely of their own making) – most of their frantic actions are completely utterly useless – but there is always a slim chance that if they thrash about enough through blind ignorance and stupidity they might just find some legal loophole to ignore the will of the people and push forward with their insane plans.


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