Why the SNP continually misread public opinion

The SNP are becoming notorious for telling us Scots & even the rest of the UK what we believe and getting it wrong. Two years ago they told us we wanted to leave the UK. On Thursday they were telling the UK populace they wanted to remain in the EU, and today they are telling us Scots we want another neverendum.

But we now hear that according to a survation poll a majority of us Scots do not want another Scottish referendum.

Why do the SNP continually misread public opinion and are so outraged when ordinary people stand up and say what most Scots think?

The answer is the SNP culture itself. Because they are essentially a “Little Scotlander” mentality – not in the sense in which the rest of the UK wants to leave Europe and rejoin the rest of the world – but specifically in what is meant by the “little Englander” tag … to be isolationist … to ignore everyone who disagrees with them, to shut themselves off from the rest of society.

And it is all echoed in the SNP party structure. Because the one really insightful thing I learnt during the campaign is that the SNP have no policy formation committees.

Instead there is what we used to refer as “sofa government” … decisions would be made, not in a formal open manner, but in an informal behind-closed-door in the comfort of someone’s living room where we the public nor the overwhelmingly vast number of SNP members have any input.

So, when they say “we Scots want”, the SNP mean “the people sitting on the sofa want… ”

However, what has now appeared over the weekend is even more worrying. Because they have moved on from “what the people believe” to “what the constitution says”.

In what will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most bizarre tirades of non-sense the SNP have gone to the world’s press to repeat in numerous ways that they are “about to join the EU” … “can veto brexit” … “can stop the wind and waves causing the sees to rise” …. “that aliens abducted all leave voters and therefore they have a right to refuse to accept democracy”. (Obviously two of those are jokes … but which two?)

They are going nuts. And worst of all they are doing it in front of the world’s press. And we in Scotland will be tarnished by their antics for years to come.


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