To Boris Johnson Next PM – re Scottish Referendum

It is very clear to me that the SNP threatened an independence vote in a desperate attempt to stop the rest of the UK leaving the EU.

It is also now very obvious, that rather than admitting they were wrong and that they could not win a referendum, the SNP have decided to push toward an independence referendum anticipating that Westminster will block this. Obviously this is the most despicable kind of behaviour, but unfortunately, due to the lacklustre  quality & sycophantic nature of Scottish journalism, the SNP have, and will, continue to get away with their bullshit.

I therefore recommend the following reply:

Dear Ms Sturgeon, as you will know the UK as a whole is in the process of leaving the EU and so we would very much appreciate it if the Scottish people would defer any further devolution to after the UK leaves the UK. However, if you insist on pushing forward then on the following provisos we will consent to bringing forward enabling legislation and recommending its adoption:

  1. Opinion polls must show a substantial majority (60%) in favour of a referendum for at least two months.
  2. The Scottish government must obtain a commitment from the EU to accept Scotland as a member.
  3. You must place before the Scottish people the full costs and benefits of EU membership as it will be once the UK has left and similarly for other options
  4. you must place before the Scottish people the three options
    1. Remaining as part of the UK
    2. Leaving the UK to become an independent nation outside the EU
    3. Leaving the UK and rejoining the EU to become a national region of the EU
  5. In order to reduce the uncertainty involved to the rest of the UK, you must agree that any campaign, referendum and exit either finishes at least one year before the UK exits the EU and not start for at least one year after the UK leaves the EU
  6. The Scottish government must bear all the costs involved in the referendum including suitable funding for campaign groups for all three options.

Subject obviously to the consent of Westminster and to be actioned within five years


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