Why SNP are in such a hurry to join EU

Writing the previous article, it just occurred to me what a profound effect the rest of the UK leaving the EU will have on the Scottish case for joining the EU and thereby (non) “independence”.

Because the UK is one of the big contributors to the EU – so it stands to reason that – as a bureaucracy – the EU itself will never cost cut, so those members still in the club will be required to make up the short fall.

So, going from a situation where the UK funding of Scotland might be imagined to be made up by similar hand-outs from the EU, Scotland is going into a situation where not only is it not going to get the EU to fund our separation from the UK, but we are going to have to pay to retain the EUrocrats in the luxurious spending they had become used to with UK money.

In other words, the EU Scots voted (for UK) to remain part of – is the one where Scotland used to get lots of money from people like the UK and EU (now untrue). But knowing the deceitful SNP – if they were to get a yes to separation from UK … then they’ll tell people that by voting for the UK to remain in the EU where Scotland got lots of money from EU/UK …. we were supposedly voting for Scotland to go back into the DIFFERENT EU where we’ll be forced to pay in masses of money to keep the hugely expensive EUrocracy going.

So, (in the extremely unlikely event – I’d even go as far as to say impossible event that Scotland votes to leave the UK) there will be no referendum for Scotland to join the EU. How could there be? Because with so many other nations now actively seeking to leave the EU and with grexit approaching … only a madwoman would give us Scots the choice … however given we are being run by a madwoman … who knows what idiotic things she’ll do?


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