The absurdity of the SNP argument

The SNP’s version of anti-English hatred was decisively rejected in 2014 when the Scottish people decided to maintain the historic relationship with England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Unlike the SNP – who just pick and choose what they listen to – the logic of that 2014 referendum is that the UK government are bound to listen to the will of the whole of Britain as a single corporate body.

But the SNP don’t like that – and insist that they be allowed to reject the 2014 referendum because the hated English voted in a way they don’t like.

So, let us suppose for the sake of argument the SNP could nullify that 2014 referendum vote – what would be the result? The UK referendum would have been even more overwhelmingly against the EU.

So, whichever way we Scots had voted in 2014 – the Brexit vote would be the same. So how can they possibly say the Brexit vote is wrong?

But the SNP will say – the brexit vote means the 2014 vote would have been different. Too true it would! With the UK leaving the EU, there are even more reasons not to leave the UK – a customs border, the fact that the EU will have less money with the UK out and so Scotland will be paying more. The fact the single market is smaller – and the most important element is gone. The fact that oil prices dropped making the SNP idea of funding separation by selling oil a total load of BS.

The only argument that even vaguely makes sense is one that says: “Scots value being in the EU far more than independence, and so they voted against the independence they wanted in 2014 because being in the EU was sooooooo sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo important”



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