How to wreck Scottish research – another referendum

I really do feel sorry for those getting EU funding in Scotland for research projects as the SNP have flung a tanker full of petrol on the smouldering uncertainty by adding to the already complex situation of EU funding in Scotland by the suggestion – but unlikely to be reality – of another Scottish referendum.

To explain:
In England the question is simply –

  1. how much does the new UK government keep funding?

In Scotland we have these series of issues:

  1. How much does the UK government fund of previous EU funded work?
  2. How much does the UK government hand over to Scotland to fund of this work?
  3. How much does the Scottish government fund of this work?
  4. Does this funding stop if Scotland entered the EU?
  5. How does EU funding change when Britain leaves and if Scotland enters the EU
  6. How can the Scottish government continue to fund academia when there’s such a massive hole in the Scottish budget if it left the UK
  7. How can the EU continue to fund Scotland if it left the UK and entered the undemocratic EU – when the EU relies on UK money.
  8. (from 6 & 7) how much extra would Scotland have to put into the EU as a result of the rest of UK leaving the EU?

Now 1-3 are just the complexity of Scottish devolution, which means that in addition to the time for the new UK government to come into place, we have the additional time for the numpty pig-headed and spiteful SNP to negotiate with the UK government (after the event of Brexit when they have least chance of any leverage).

However 4-8 are entirely inflicted by the spiteful, pig-headed undemocratic (internally run) SNP who we regretfully have running Scotland at the moment.

You can see their “plan” – it is to wreck the Scottish economy post brexit so as to then claim “it was brexit what done us in”.


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