The appalling behaviour of the SNP will cost many Scots jobs

The people of Scotland – much to the disgust of the SNP – voted clearly to accept decision making for issues affecting the UK as a single UK democratic body.

Thus yesterday we were asked whether the UK – not Scotland not the voters – but the UK should remain in the EU. And it is true that just as Scotland voted decisively to a accept decision making at a UK level, we also decisively voted for the UK to remain in the EU.

However, like the undemocratic EU, the SNP – who have almost no internal democracy in decision making but are an internal dictatorship – the SNP don’t accept democracy. So, to them they bend and subvert the wishes of the people to mean – not what we voted for – but what they would have liked us to vote for.

So, now the SNP are determined to tell us Scots we not only didn’t vote to take decisions as part of the UK and to respect that outcome, but now they are telling us we didn’t vote for whether the UK should remain part of the EU – but instead we were apparently voting on whether Scotland should be part of the EU.

But if that were true there would have been at least four options

  1. Scotland as part of the UK being in the EU
  2. Scotland as part of the UK being outside the EU
  3. Scotland not being part of the UK outside the EU
  4. Scotland not being part of the UK in the EU

But Sturgeon wants to suggest that because many voted against option (1) that everyone who did not want option (1) voted for option (4). THAT IS A LIE – THE TYPE OF THING WE ARE GROWING TO EXPECT FROM THE SNP.

The practical effects on jobs

From a practical point of view, many jobs are in some way funded by the EU. That EU funding will cease at some point and in the natural course of events it would be taken up by the UK (or Scotland).

However, unlike a general election where we have a manifesto commitment to maintain funding, there was no government that could be bound by a commitment of the leave campaign. So, until someone like Boris Johnson replaces Cameron, there will not be a government that can commit to maintain funding.

As such UK funding of many EU projects will be up in the air until Oct (the supposed date when Cameron has decided he will string out the replacement)

However, in Scotland the position is now just catastrophic. Because whilst there is a Scottish government – no one will know who is continuing funding or how much there will be until after the SNP waste another tranche of taxpayer money on a referendum that even they know they cannot win.

The impact means that no EU funding projects will know whether their funding will continue, not for a few months as in the rest of the UK – but until the unspecified date of the next neverendum referendum.

This adds an additional period of uncertainty – meaning that Scottish EU funded projects will be brought to a virtual standstill and paralysis as they struggle with both how EU funding will be carried on and by whom (UK or Scotland) and then whether if Scottish that funding will be carried on by the Scottish government – or will have to await the terms of a supposed renegotiation by Scotland with the EU of re-entry.

You couldn’t have asked for a better way to destroy EU funded projects in Scotland!


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