EU justice for Thomas Mair?

To me one of the foulest deeds of the pro-EU has been the denial of our long cherished right to jury trial – now very easily circumvented by a EU-arrest warrant enforced by the soon to be EU police force.

However, we still in theory have our rights within the UK and one of those is not to have a trial prejudiced by public statements.

So, whilst I was aware of the appalling disgusting way many of the remain side were using this tragic death to attack brexit, until I read the Heatstreet blog I had not remembered that at the heart of this case lies two victims: the first Jo Cox, the other an apparently mentally ill man Thomas Mair, who under UK law (but probably not EU law) has a right to justice even if it was his hand that killed Jo Cox.

The more I hear about this case, the more concerned I am about the initial reports portraying it as a neo-nazi hate crime against Remain. These now appear to be very wrong.

In contrast, it is now being suggested that the cause of the incidence was the closure of local mental health facilities. That Thomas Mair was a mild mannered man who taught English to refugees.

So, to call it a “hate” crime or that it was motivated by politics is not only (apparently) wrong but highly prejudicial. And for these type of of accusations (apparently false) to be broadcast by the PM is abhorrent to our British sense of Justice (although apparently not that of the EU).

There are two victims here. The first Jo Cox (and family) who will now be made into a martyr, the other Thomas Mair who appears to be mentally ill and as such may not in any way be culpable for his actions and may or may not have been let down by politicians of all parties.

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