The SNP are failing the Scottish Interest

What confuses many people is why the SNP, who say they want a second Scottish referendum, are telling the Scots to vote against getting a second referendum and stopping the rest of the UK getting their independence from Europe.

Souring relations with our closest neighbour

To put it bluntly we Scots will never be forgiven if after the English Shamereluctantly (rightly as the polls showed) consented to a Scottish referendum on independence from the EUnion, our Scottish leaders then act solely to stop the rest of the UK enjoying the self determination which (as the polls show) is now wanted by a majority of the rest of the UK.

And it is all the worse, because in the way the SNP have portrayed it, there is no self-interest for Scotland which will (if the SNP can be believed) will soon seek independence and supposedly rejoin the EU.

Of course, the SNP are either complete numpties (Jim Sillars view) or are lying about something (my view).

But either way, the perception in England will be that the SNP, after the English largely allowed us Scots to decide for ourselves about independence (with the notable exception of the obvious bias of the BBC) that the Scots then turned around and bit the hand of friendship acting out of spite to deny the rest of the UK the self-determination Scots demanded and then voted to reject.

The Obvious thing for the SNP to do was to abstain

According to the SNP (which may not mean a lot), they abstain from all votes in parliament that don’t affect Scotland (except wasn’t there one on the NHS they meddled in?). And if the SNP, as they say, will take Scotland out of the UK, then whether or not the rest of the UK is a matter purely for them. So, according to their own public assertions, the SNP should be advocating that SNP supporters abstain.

That is the only ethical position they can take.

The failure to secure Scotland’s share of the rebate.

When the UK leaves the EU, a massive amount of money will not go out from the UK to the EU. I would argue that at least 10% (or the proportion according to population) should be given directly to the Scottish government. Indeed, one could argue a higher figure because Scotland received more EU funding than England.

And, because a Brexit vote always looked likely, surely the SNP would have approached the most likely next Brexit government when Cameron goes with the offer:

If you agree to give Scotland it’s fair share of the EU money, then we will abstain.

Or, let’s put it another way. The Brexit camp would go to the SNP and say: “if you support Brexit we will not be sympathetic to the repatriation of EU powers to Scotland”.

No one can be sure this has not happened. And indeed, perhaps the SNP were adopting a stance in some unknown negotiation. But given Jim Sillars assessment of the SNP leadership being a bunch of inbred numpties (my words) – I doubt they have the gumption to think about negotiating a better deal for Scotland.


Again thanks to Jim Sillars, I learnt that whilst it would be obvious that the Scottish Parliament had control over Scottish fishing, there is nothing in the Scotland Act that necessitates this. So, Scottish fishing could be controlled from Westminster – which given their betrayal of Scottish fishing in the first place would not go down well.

But again, the time to do these deals with the next government – isn’t after the Brexit vote when there is no leverage, but now.


But no! It appears for all the world as if the bunch of numpties in power in Holyrood, have failed to spot how they could secure … not some advantage, but only what is rightfully ours in Scotland.

What on earth is the point in voting for the SNP … when you get such a bunch of numpties who seem incapable of fighting for the Scottish interest?


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