Funding will continue

In a general election, no one ever says “the money the Tories spend on the NHS is at risk if labour wins”. In other words, we don’t pick services that one government has funded and then claim that because it is “Tory funding” or “labour funding” that a change of government means it must automatically disappear.

But that is what the Remain camp have been doing!

Likewise, if Labour have been spending money on University research – no one would believe the claim that “if the Labour party government were voted out – all that research funding would necessarily disappear”.

That is what Remain have been telling academics.

They’ve been going around the Universities and telling them that the EU funding will disappear when the “Government” in charge of that funding changes from the EU to Britain.

That is highly disreputable.

And they have been able to get away with it because unfortunately,unlike a general election where we are electing a government and they can easily squelch any such lies by committing to maintain the funding of the NHS, Civil service, academic project, army, sanitary, roads etc,. this referendum is between the people and the incumbent government and their EU masters.

So, unlike a general election there is no one to give a binding commitment.

So, let me make a promise on behalf of the people of Britain:

Except in the daftest cases of blatant EU propaganda which obviously will cease EU funded projects will continue under the next government and salaries will continue to be paid.

However, there are three provisos:

  1. The first is that projects whose sole or main purpose is to promote or glorify the EU or undermine the nation state – will cease. But whilst the UK government was not responsible for engaging those employed, I expect those involved to receive compensation commensurate with UK law.
  2. In some cases the projects themselves are controlled by the EU. So, whilst we can be assured funding levels will continue – we cannot guarantee that the EU (which seems in a spiteful mood) will allow us to participate in any particular project. These will have to be dealt with on a project by project basis. Some can be restarted as British projects. Some require Co-operation and will depend on what grudges the EU holds. But I do not expect the overall funding to decrease. And I do expect the UK to honour employment contracts and if necessary provide redundancy etc. as appropriate for British nationals that are caught up as if they were employed in Britain.
  3. To the extent that we see small changes in priority from government to government – there is no point us gaining control without funding what is most advantageous to Britain and not the EU – so to this extent whilst we can guarantee that funding & jobs will continue over the transition, in the same way as a change in government may reduce or increase funding in some areas depending on its political views, so too the UK may change the priority. Again, we expect normal employment practices to be honoured.

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