Twitter Censorship of #scotland #brexit?

Yesterday I noticed that suddenly a lot of SNP tweets started appearing on twitter – which I assumed was the start of their much delayed campaign.

However, then I started noticing that my own tweets using those hashtags had disappeared and there were no other pro #brexit tweets using the #scottish hashtag.

Extraordinary timing! The SNP start tweeting – everyone else dissappears!

At first I assumed being Saturday, that everyone was out campaigning.

But when I again looked today, I saw no change. Not one single pro-brexit tweet was to be seen. And it was NOT because I had not been tweeting – indeed at first I assumed it was the opposite – that perhaps I had been too enthusiastic.

But then I started checking (which is difficult when everyone had dissapeared) and I found that e.g. David Coburn had been using precisely those hashtags – yet even his tweets were not appearing.

There are two possibilities. The first is that the SNP are using a dirty tricks campaign, probably involving reporting anyone who supports brexit as being “abusive” – simply for tweeting anything supporting brexit. … yes that won’t stick … but as few will know their reputation is being destroyed by the SNP …. and even if they do, it will be weeks before twitter does anything about it … it appears to be a very effective campaigning tactic they are using.

So, what can be done?

First, we need as many people as we can to start tweeting on the #brexit #scotland hashtags – because they can’t bring us all down. And the more they try … they more obvious it will be to twitter what they are doing.

Secondly, we need as many people as possible to like and retweet anyone who promotes #brexit on the #scotland hastag.

Third, we need everyone to follow anyone tweeting

and finally – we should use the same tactics the SNP appear to have adopted which is to report anyone who supports remain whenever possible. Any abuse whatsoever … just hit the report button!

But of course, the one thing which may well be behind it, is actual censorship from twitter. We know from a conversation between Merkel and twitter owner (?) that Merkel has been pushing for twitter to censor tweets to prevent “anti-social” (=anti-eu) views being heard.

Proving that is difficult, but it is well known that Google censors issues or websites it doesn’t like and there is plenty of evidence to support it. A notable example is that the world best red media outlet on climate – does not appear at all in the google news searches. The reason: because it is sceptical in outlook – and that means opposed to the viewpoint prevalent in the EU on climate.

So, it would not be unexpected to find Google was rigging searches to favour the eu during Brexit. Likewise, given the huge interests in all large business in keeping their monopolies going through the EU, it would not be expected that twitter is very strongly pro-EU and will be doing whatever it can to bring about a remain outcome.


I have now found out how to search for the words “#brexit” and “#scotland” and this produces a majority of pro-brexit tweets appearing in roughly the same timeline as all the various hashtags I’m searching which only show SNP tweets.

I am now very certain that firstly that are more than enough tweets being produced to appear, and secondly that something changed dramatically yesterday when the SNP campaign started. The result is that #Brexit has literally disappeared from #Scotland – and that cannot happen by accident. There is a dirty tricks campaign in some form or other

2nd Update

I first noticed the issue when I stopped getting replies yesterday. I then checked my own account from another person’s twitter account and couldn’t see my tweets.

Since the article, things have improved, but I’m not sure why and I’ve had no official notifications to explain what happened. Very difficult to know – could have been an innocent computer glitch – short term “abuse reporting”, something I did, or indeed intentional action by twitter. None of these can be ruled out – and worse – I’ve no real way to know how many tweets there really are – as only twitter knows.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Censorship of #scotland #brexit?”

    1. The google bias on climate is very obvious. The top blog in the world with perhaps 200million views plus doesn’t of other very well blogs of a sceptical nature don’t appear on google news whereas several two bit blog read by perhaps a few 10s of people in a day get listed. That doesn’t happen by mistake. And we also know that google have several projects reliant on extreme climate – so they are hardly disinterested parties.

      You just have to live with that bias – no blogger – even the world’s top blog, can force google to be impartial any more than forcing fox news to be impartial.


      1. I agree, Google is no longer the ethical business it once was. The old motto ‘do no harm’ no longer applies. The old ethics are replaced by greed.

        Anyway, I was just taking the mick.


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