The curious case of the Scottish Government FOI

This is my reply from the Scottish government following my FOI to request what action they had done to secure Scotland’s share of the rebate.

FOII knew when I sent the email, that the Scottish government would be under the mistaken impression that the remain side would win the referendum, so they would have done nothing.

But far from making a political point, the real reason I send it was to give a boot up the proverbial backsides to get the civil servants off their arses and starting to make the case to ensure that Scotland didn’t miss out when we divy up the spoils from leaving the EU.

Oh course, it is also highly political. Which I find is the only way to make Civil servants blood run cold – and get them into action. Because if they admit they were planning a brexit – it would make the SNP arguments about remaining look lame and if they hadn’t done a thing – it would make the government as a whole look like incompetent fools with their head in the sand.

However, as I already have a simple letter** they have failed to respond to in any meaningful way despite waiting months and months and repeatedly reminding them, I knew they would never respond before the referendum. However, it could well blow up when they finally are forced to answer.

**To the climate department asking what measures they have taken in preparedness for the ~5% chance of life-threatening global cooling within our children’s life based on the known history of the ice-age cycle.


3 thoughts on “The curious case of the Scottish Government FOI”

  1. Tony B.liar supports the remain camp. That will perhaps make the undeciders want to vote leave. If phony Tony supports it, then it must be a pack of lies.

    Like B.liar Iraq’s doomsday bollox, the remain campaign’s arguments have been built upon nothing but lies, fear, doom & gloom. Fortunately it is not going down well with the voters.

    F*ck the doomsayers and vote OUT of the EU, then enjoy life.



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