More evidence EU is falling apart

One of the daftest arguments I heard yesterday was from an academic who pointed to all the projects the EU funded and said: “voting to remain will keep these are secure”. Because EU security is just an illusion a Xmas fairy sitting on the top of a dead and dying Xmas tree shedding needles everywhere.

We all know about the Greek situation – a badly performing economy put in the same “class” as the Germans and now far from keeping up now being left farther and farther behind because it never did fit in the same class as Germany.

We all know about the terrorists threat to Europe – a direct result of unrestricted immigration. If you only get your news from the (once) mainstream media, you may not have heard about the ten fold increase in rapes in Sweden or the burning of immigration centres by irate locals.

But now the latest news really does shock me. Because as an expert on climate and energy I know the French are so vehemently anti CO2-plant-food that they sacked a weather presenter for merely stating the facts that there had been no recent warming. They also put their whole national security at threat and instead of protecting French people they diverted something like a quarter of their police to protect the sham get together of environmentalists & government heads in Paris last year just after the Paris terrorist bombings (haven’t they ever heard of conference calls?)

But now that vehemently anti-fossil fuel government which gets most of its electricity from nuclear is turning to fossil fuel!

The strongly pro-green French Government have unlocked their strategic fossil fuel reserves, to keep the economy going, in the midst of economically crippling strikes which are preventing oil deliveries and threatening the stability of the national electricity supply.

France Faces Fresh Strikes And Power Shortages As Nuclear Workers Join Protest

AFP – France faced fresh strikes Thursday after nuclear power station workers voted to join gathering protests against labour law reforms that have forced the country to dip into strategic fuel reserves due to refinery blockades.

With football fans due to flood into France in two weeks for the Euro 2016 championships, pressure is piling on the government as queues at petrol stations lengthen by the day.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned the CGT union leading the disruption at refineries and fuel depots that it “does not make the law in France”.

The CGT, locked in an increasingly bitter struggle with the government, has called for its action to be extended Thursday to nuclear power stations that supply 75 percent of the country’s electricity.

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The reason for this is very simple. The EU as an economic unit is failing. The daft idea of stuffing together countries with economies as different as Germany and Greece is now affecting not just Greece, but every other Country other than the few top performing countries like Germany.

And because the fundamental problem is differential growth – and because there are systemic reasons why Greece will grow more slowly than Germany, the total difference in growth increases year upon year upon year. And sooner or later, no matter how small that differential, the stresses it causes will explode in social and economic turmoil as is happening now right across the EU.

Like the borrow-to-boom experiment of the Blair government that caused the banking crisis, the EU is a failed experiment. The economies of the EU are now heading toward crisis – one that whilst we are not part of the Euro – we will be required to finance as part of our exorbitant membership of their “club”.

We have got to get out of this EU car crash.


4 thoughts on “More evidence EU is falling apart”


    It now looks like the two faces of Sturgeon have finally woken up to the fact that Scotland does not want a second referendum.

    Rather than waste tax payers money on a second referendum that no one with intelligence wants, Sturgeon could use our taxes to buy herself a personality, she desperately need one that does not mimic a political android.

    I wish SNP would stop patronising the Scots with uncritical, non analytical positive mantras. They insist on treating intellingent and analytical Scots like simpletons or brainwashed sheeple.

    According to SNP the EU is perfect and there is nothing to challenge or criticse. Really?

    Expect more garbage from the Scottish Nonsense Party.


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