The biggest political lie: media portrayal of left versus right

As everyone knows the Nazis were a left wing party known as the National Socialists. But, … hang on … you are likely to say “they were right wing”.

When I first noticed that many of the “far left” and “far right” seemed to share very similar viewpoints I started to wonder why. Traditional politics is seen as a conflict between left and right with a scale:

Far left ⇔ Left ⇔ Centre ⇔ Right ⇔ Far  right

But when I started to think about it, the far left and right seemed to be similar. Communism behaved in the same dictatorial way as the Nazis. I began to think of politics as being like a circle:

PolCircleMove “too far” to left or right and then you start finding the parties are the same.

Are issues really “left” or “right”?

But recently I’ve begun to see another phenomenon. Take for example the issue of immigration – that is clearly a left wing issue because it mostly affects the poor in society. And indeed many of those supporting UKIP on this issue are ex labour voters. So, why then is it always portrayed by the BBC and other media as a “right wing” issue? It may be that the Labour party favours immigration because it (used to) provide a source of new voters, but one could just as equally argue it was a Tory policy because posh voters just love having cheap cleaners, nannies, and keeping down the wages of the self employed plumbers, builders, etc., overwhelmingly helps the rich middle class (like the BBC)

Likewise, on the issue of energy policy, I’ve noticed that those who are most in favour of putting up energy prices for the poor and elderly already in favour of fuel poverty and the left. But, surely if anything the left ought to be protecting the poor and elderly. Because they are being exploited by money grabbing capitalists who see wind as an easy way to make money. All they had to do (and I was part of the wind business so I knew how they did it) was to lobby those like the EU to force the poor and elderly to pay the rich through their fuel bills.

Then take the Leave campaign. The key issues are: democracy (left wing), saving the NHS (left wing), the effect of immigration on the poor (left wing). So why then do we get this kind of rubbish:


But we all know who is funding the remain camp: BIG BUSINESS. Because Big business just loves the anti-democratic EU where their money gives them direct access to the Eurocrats to write new rules to take money away from the poor, elderly, fuel poverty, those using the NHS, etc. and hand it over the the rich crony capitalists.

So, yet again, the real champion of the people: Brexit, it being falsely linked to “right wing”.

It seems as if the real nature of politics is being turn on its head. What should actually be “left wing” is being called right and visa versa.

What does left and right actually mean?

For the last year or so, I’ve stopped listening to the BBC (almost completely live but I still come across news reports on the web). And now, except on specific subjects of interest where I go and look, I now get almost all my general news via social media.

And what I’ve found through the social media news outlet is that these labels of “left” and “right” have no meaning. Indeed, almost no one on social media uses such terms? So why do they exist?

I find that on some issues I strongly endorse what those in the BBC and media call “left wing” and on others I strongly endorse those the BBC & media call “right wing”. If anything what I seem to find is that I most strongly disagree with anything the BBC & media would describe as “moderate”, or “centre”.

The real truth I believe is that there is no real “left” versus “right” divide to politics. Politics is multi-faceted and anyone one of us may be what was traditionally described as “left” on some subjects and “right” on others. And indeed the same issue like immigration is both left and right.

Why do these left/right labels exist?

It is beginning to look to me that far from me and so many other people being on the left or right of politics let alone “extreme”, I find that on many issues what I most strongly object to does not match the media’s rhetoric of left vs. right. Instead it is that I most strongly object to the dumbed down Nanny state “Politically Correct” politics that is daily pumped out on outlets like the BBC.

In reality politics seems to me to be one of contrasts between:

Social media norm ⇔ (once) mainstream media

In their terms, sometimes I am to the left of them, sometimes I’m to the right, but very seldom these days do I agree with them. Thus the real intention of the (once) mainstream media is to create a subliminal message to public and politicians that we are categorised as follows:

1) If you support the media’s “political correct” politics you are deemed to be a “moderate” in the “Centre” of politics.

2) If you depart from the media’s “politically correct” politics you become progressively further from the “centre”

3) If you strongly disagree with the media like the BBC on any issue you become “extreme” – not because your politics is extreme – but that you do not in any way support the media’s political views. So politics has this scale:

Moderate ⇔ left/right ⇔ Far … ⇔ Extreme …

What really matters to the media, is not whether a part is artificially allocated to the “left” or “Right”, but how far they depart from the “politically correct” position of the media. So “moderate”, “far”, “extreme” etc., are ways of denigrating anyone who does not support the media “political correct” view.


With so many like the BBC pulling out all the stops to prevent us regaining our freedom from the tyrannical EU, there is no doubt that they will very quickly try to use the same tried and tested formula of describing anyone they disagree with who is supporting brexit as “extremist”. What we are yet to find out (and it may depend on the political lean of the paper) is on which extreme (anti-politically correct) wing we are supposed to be on.

But sooner or later, I guarantee, the likes of the BBC, Guardian, Independent will be calling us all “extremist” for daring to support the rights of us plebs for us (not the media) to say who runs out country.


4 thoughts on “The biggest political lie: media portrayal of left versus right”

  1. The nazis were a rabid nationalist party who despised both Communism and Capitalism. However they did lean towards a left wing agenda with various national and community policies. Their ultimate aim was to enrich themselves via a military economy which fortunately proved to be their undoing. In regards to a far right agenda the Nazis were not adverse to importing slave labour to maximise the Nazi war machine and to keep those delicate nazi women from contibuting to the German war effort. The nazis were just a mass of political contradictions but they were united in their belief of a German superstate in Europe in which the Nazis would dominate through might. But thankfully Churchill put an end to the Nazis ambitions.

    If Churchill were alive today he would no doubt be against the EU’s ‘peacetime’ fascism that exists today. Britain’s contribution to WW2 is now being seriously undermined by an unelected elite in Europe who undermine British democracy and freedom. Further, in our very own Nations we are being undermined by traitors from the left and the right who are happy to sell our hard fought for liberty down the river to a bunch of unelected morons who despise our sovereign rights.


  2. I support brexit and they can call me an extremist if they want.

    The paedo riddled, BBC parasites are hardly in a position to judge anyone. It is worth remembering the BBC profit from the EU. So who really believes the guff the BBC peddle anymore?

    The Guardian look down their lefty nose on anyone who isn’t a fully paid up left wing, muesli munching half-wit.

    The msm can write what they want, but it does not necessarily follow that an intelligent person will read the Daily Bull, let alone believe the tripe.

    Only unthinking sheeple will allow the media to pull the wool over their eyes.


  3. ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’.

    It now looks like many of the Tories who once supported ‘brexit’ are now crapping themselves. They are mesmerised by project fear’s baloney.

    I refuse to compromise on my political views to liars and bullies.

    Be a hero & vote OUT of the EU.


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