Rebellious Scot and proud of it!

indexI wrote this comment on the spur of the moment to an article by Bill Jamieson “Bill Jamieson: Where Euro money can’t buy love in the UK

The real choice on the 23rd is whether we believe in ourselves – that we in Britain are capable of running our own affairs – whether together as the UK or if that is the wish separately – or whether we are going to be ruled by the dictates of EUrocrats.

indeed, Boris Johnstone was quite correct, the EU are the closest thing we’ve had to a Nazi style government in Britain, and if we wanted to know what it would have been like 70 years after we lost WWIII we need look no further than the paper thin veneer of democracy in Brussels where our supposed “representatives” cannot initiate any laws, cannot repeal laws and are in fact just a rubber stamping body for EUrocrat dictate. Likewise, our national parliaments are fast becoming the same EU rubber stamping bodies. The power behind the throne is the unelected anti-democratic EU bureaucracy!

And like all “master-states” (super is not a word fit for the failed EU), like all master states from the USSR to China, the EU will become more and more authoritarian as it tries to hold together the disparate countries, all of us with our own cultures, own economies, most with our own legal systems and languages – all us wanting to be free. So in order to hold us together, it will need to “quash the rebellious” and impose on us by force “unity” until the EU like the USSR is unacceptable even to the most ardent EU-utopians.

We in Scotland are an independent people. We will always be different to Europe. And for the same reasons we dislike rule from London, we will never accept imposed authoritarian rule from Brussels and we will always be “rebellious Scots”.

But at least we and England have a lot in common who far from making a power grab like the EU have willingly(?) devolved power to Scotland.


3 thoughts on “Rebellious Scot and proud of it!”

  1. The failing undemocratic EU elite cannot buy our democracy!

    Our democracy and our human rights are not for sale.

    I would rather be in a devolved partnership with the UK, than be ruled under the tyranny of an undemocratic, Pro EU, S.nazi elite.


  2. When the British start fighting for decency, fairness, democracy and human rights again, then I will be proud to call myself a Brit. Bring it on!

    As for SNP, they have already sold the Scot’s rights down the EU river with their promise of scottish enslavement in Europe. Scottish democracy has bought and sold for EU gold by SNP.

    You should all hang your heads in shame.


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