#Brexit: the real battle ground

Imagine a nation, where people were being asked in a referendum to end their democrat right to have any say in government. Where on the ballot paper it said: “I reject all rights to have any say in government”.

Imagine a campaign, in which the ruling elite who were to govern without elections were telling everyone: “you common people can’t trust yourselves and you must leave all the decisions to us“.

Imagine then that such a campaign existed in the midst of economic decline, there was direct evidence that cherished safeguards of liberty and freedom such as our jury system were going to be done away with.

It should be possible for such a ruling elite to get anyone to vote for them. But if opinion polls are to be believed, many millions can and do support this kind of undemocratic, unelected, unaccountable administration.

We don’t need to imagine what it would have been like to live in Europe if the Nazis had won, because Brussels is what we would have got. And if we vote to be run by the ruling elite in Brussels, it will be the last meaningful vote we have.

Because, from now on the only purpose of our own parliaments – like the charade of MEPs, is as a talking shop: to give the illusion that they are taking decisions and by that thin veneer of “democracy” to allow the unelected unaccountable Nazi-style governing ruling elite in Brussels to rule by dictat, imposing whatever legislation they think should be imposed and all “our” parliaments whose job will only be to rubber stamp those rules. So, it will not matter who is elected to parliament, Tories, Labour, UKIP, Greens or other extremists parties. They might huff and puff & like the proverbial peacock pretend to be in charge and make a few very minor changes, but like all national “parliaments” from now on, their job is only to rubber stamp EU rules.

So, in practice, if we as a country were stupid enough to vote against self-determination it will be the end of parliamentary democracy in the UK, and we will remain being governed by the unelected unaccoutable o1ligarchy in Brussels. There is already talk (which from past experience of the EU means concrete plans) to do away with any kind of public referendum to have a say in our future. So, it is almost certain that if the public were mad enough to vote to give up our democratic rights, that we would never be allowed to vote again in a referendum to restore those rights.

That is the real choice on the 23rd of June:

  1. rule by unelected unaccountable Nazi-style oligarchy
  2. or democracy.

It shouldn’t sound a difficult question: but to a generation indoctrinated by the likes of the BBC with EU propaganda that we cannot trust our fellow citizens to run our own affairs; for a generation going through Universities where the elites there constantly tell everyone that only “intelligent” people like daft academics (who pushed us into the banking crisis and would have had us in the failed Euro) know how to run our country; for a generation that has known no real democracy from Europe and had the EU constantly undermining national governments … it may appear the only sensible thing to do. To give up all rights to have any say about our affairs and hand them over to Nazi-style government through EU Eurocrats. And it would work: just as the Nazis seduced Germans, so the Eurocrats are doing the same to modern day Europeans.

That is the intention of “Project fear”: to make the public fearful of democracy itself. To convince us that our own free choice of government is the root of all evil and that unless we hand over power to the Nazi-style ruling oligarchy, that we will end up with WWIII, economic collapse, plagues of frogs and the sea will rise … all of which can only be stopped (according to the Nazi-style ruling elite) … by them producing yet more regulation in Brussels.

So, the real question on 23rd June is not whether we like other Europeans, nor even whether we like the EU, but whether we trust in ourselves as a people to make our own decisions, or whether as the EU ruling elite (and many in the UK) would have us believe, that democracy cannot be trusted and our future must be determined by the Eurocrats.



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