Lord Forsyth and Margaret Mitchell give Sterling #brexit performance in Stirling

IMG_3998_1Last night I had the pleasure to attend one of the best political events I’ve seen for a while. The two speakers were Lord Forsyth and Margaret Mitchell.

Lord Forsyth has a wide ministerial experience from health, education, to employment, but he is most widely known for his role in the Scottish office where in 1996, as Scottish Secretary, he is credited with transferring the Stone of Scone, from Westminster Abbey to Edinburgh Castle.

Margaret Mitchell MSP was the other speaker. She is former chair of the Holyrood’s equal opportunities committee who also stood against Ruth Davidson for Scottish Tory leader. Unfortunately she was delayed. (Tied up in votes for the presiding officer of the Scottish parliament)


The debate was well attended, particularly given the warm evening.

Lord Forsyth kicked of the proceedings with a detailed account of his dealings with the EU. I managed to video a few clips to give you a flavour.

In this clip, he was particularly scathing about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

But his views on Cameron’s utter failure to get anything from Europe were  quite robust “he got absolutely nothing”:

Extract of speech by Lord Forsyth


The SNP must be the first Nationalist movement in the history of the world campaigning for their Country to be subject to the diktat of an unelected supra national bureaucracy. The Scottish Government despite a majority in Parliament cannot introduce minimum pricing for alcohol as it was overruled in the European Court. Minimum pricing may or may not be a bad thing but it should be for elected politicians rather than unelected EU judges to decide. Any Act of the Scottish Parliament is void to the extent that it is inconsistent with EU law.

EU legislation can only be proposed by an unelected commission whose members must be chosen on the grounds of their European commitment and whose generous pensions are conditional on promoting the EU. National Governments are prohibited from giving them instructions. The Scottish Government is of no consequence in Brussels which now accounts for more than half our laws and regulations.The U.K. has voted 72 times in the Council of Ministers against laws which are against our National interest and been defeated 72 times at a cost to taxpayers of £2.4 billion. It is time for Scotland and Westminster to take back control from Brussels. 

To be fair some Nationalist have remained true to their principles. The SNP’s Jim Sillars who invented the slogan Independence in Europe now ridicules the notion. It is now a cruel lie. The Nationalists regard the Declaration of Arbroath with reverence as their Magna Carta. It was a message sent to Rome more than 700 years ago but today its most important lines are a clarion call for all of us who wish to leave the European Union

We fight not for riches nor honour nor glory but for freedom alone which no honest man surrenders but with his life’


Thank you Lord Forsyth, Margaret Mitchell MSP and to the organisers of the event.

Recording of event is now available on line


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