The absurdity of SNP position on #brexit

The SNP leadership are taking the line of trying to force England and the rest of the UK to remain in the EU, when it is their intention to leave the UK and when they have repeatedly said that England should not get involved with purely Scottish affairs.

But if the SNP intend to leave the UK – and everyone agrees that means Scotland will leave the EU, then the SNP’s main policy is de facto a policy of leaving the EU.

So why are they against Brexit when their policy is a de facto brexit?

Moreover, the only impact of the #brexit vote (if the SNP propaganda is to be believed) will be on England and the rest of the UK – because the SNP have said they will swiftly bring about another independence referendum which they claim they will win.

So, the only people being impacted by the SNP anti-brexit vote …. is England and the rest of the UK … if SNP propaganda is to be believed it is only a matter for the English & rest of UK.


Why then are the SNP leadership so keen to prevent England Wales & Northern Ireland leaving the EU? It certainly isn’t for the benefit of the England because

  1. the SNP don’t care about the English
  2. they say they don’t want to interfere with the English
  3. the Brexit vote would apparently give them a speedy path to regionality /Separation from UK/ supposed “Independence” in the EU.

So, logically the SNP would be supporting Brexit.

Why then are they so anxious to avoid a Brexit vote? The reason is pretty obvious: the SNP know they would not win an #indyref vote after #brexit.

Worse: they know the EU is one of the main reasons for the tension between the English and Scots and that getting out of the EU would so improve the relationship that the SNP would never get their separation and life of “freedom” under the EU yoke.


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