Ireland & the UK: The day after Brexit

IrishFlag1There was an interesting article in the Irish Time:

Brexit – the day after: what would it be like?

This is my response:

The day after? We would all be celebrating freedom from the failed EU – so one enormous hangover. But a few days later … then we’d have to start thinking about how to repair our historic relationships with those nations who shared our history such as Australia, Canada, India, Nigeria, etc. But clearly given your geographic closeness and ancient ties, Ireland would be one of the highest priorities.

Indeed, once we are free of the EU yoke, there is no reason why the UK could not move toward a far more federal structure itself – indeed it may be possible that if we had such a federal structure, Ireland may prefer being part of the federal “British Isles” rather than the EU!


2 thoughts on “Ireland & the UK: The day after Brexit”

  1. I am not sure about Ireland wanting to join into a British Isles confederation. Logically it might make sense, but there are old political resentments that would count against it. However, the Remain argument that Brexit would mean cutting off any links with a close neighbour is much further from reality. There are mutual benefits in having close links independent of the regulations from Brussels.


    1. The simple fact is that due to our geographical closeness, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland will always have some kind of “political union” whether that is overtly stated or not. Indeed, its also true of the oceanic states on the continent.

      There will always be differences and similarity, and the issue is finding a way to create political institutions that match that series of complex political relationships. The EU isn’t the way to go. It started as a good idea in the common market centred around the Benelux countries – but now their desire to be “one country” is riding roughshod over everyone else and no doubt, if they were allowed to say, many countries would be very happy to leave the EU.

      The big problem with the “BIU” (British Isles Union) is that England and particularly the south of England is so dominant. For a start, in a federal British Isles we would have to take the federal government out of London and ideally out of the South of England altogether. If there were a tunnel across the North sea – then I’d suggest Carlisle/Dumfries area. Alternatively North Wales.

      But there might be a very good case to view England as 3-5 smaller areas.


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