Day 2

I’ve been trying to keep out of politics since I left UKIP and have been focussing on other issues. But yesterday I say this video:

And it just made me have to act because as I suggested in some comments “It’s like the Nazi’s never lost the war – they were just put into cryogenic freezers and are now rising like vampires to suck the blood of democracy dry out of Europe”.

But not having any previous contact with the Leave/Exit campaigns, I had to start from scratch. The obvious thing I wanted to find was the “Scottish HQ” of the leave campaign – because from my short experience in UKIP, it’s pointless joining a campaign based in London unless you have the money to go back and forth between London and Scotland. I don’t so, I really wanted to find a Scottish or better “Glasgow” campaign.

Eventually I found a list of local campaign groups on Leave..something..something…something.something (what an appalling name!). However, there was literally no group in or around Glasgow. Still not sure of the reason – obviously the Scottish elections are focussing everyone elsewhere. Rashly I tried to set up a group so that anyone else like me had some means of getting in touch – but they want an already functioning group – so a bit catch 22 – no group – no one to contact to form a group…

Finally, I decided to put everything I had found on a new blog and then I could email anyone and everyone I could think of asking whether they had more information. That way they would know what I knew, and if I/when I found out more, I could update it and they could go back and find the latest info.

Day 2 – dawned with a few good responses to my emails. At the moment the biggest event plans seems to be the meeting in Stirling. But many people are setting up street stalls and leafleting is being arranged. I’ve still to locate the “heart” of the organisation (if any) in Scotland, but I am starting to hear the heartbeat.


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